Satellite Clubs

What are Satellite Clubs? 
- extensions of community sports club and offer a different sporting experience for young people
- bring sport out to young people aged 11 - 25 in very local venue
- attract young people who are not typically very active
- run by established sports clubs who bring their expertise and enthusiasm 

Sporting Champions supporting satellite clubs


   Sporting Champions have supported 19 satellite clubs in 2016 and interacted with nearly 100 young people in visits that in general have -
·        consisted of three visits on total, spread out over the weeks the club has run;
·        lasted for 1-2 hours and sequenced to have the most impact;
·        involved the athlete’s interacting with the young people and encouraging them to enjoy their sporting experience and sustain their participation;
·        focused on inspiring Young people, increasing their sport and physical habits, raise aspirations to fulfill potential and help sustain their participation.